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„Their sound is dominated by keys, strings, rhythm and magical singing. SAELDES SANC (‘The voice of bliss’) – medieval inspired melodies tell stories of longing, love, hope and sadness – and all of it with an angelic voice, melodic strings packed with catching rhythms!“

(DarkMusicWorld, KW 14-2017)

„Into a world of copy and paste music, Saeldes Sanc deliver an original that proves invaluable.“

(Sonic Seducer 09/2016)

Saeldes Sanc, that's Medieval Avant-Garde by Hannah Wagner (a singer of Helium Vola).

Medieval, Gothic, Romantic, Folk...


- Hannah's handmade music takes you on a journey to another world, full of dreams. Under the pen name Saeldes Sanc, she presents musical treasures in Middle High German, Old French or Early English.


Hannah transforms poems in these languages into genuine compositions, that take you flying, swinging, crying and longing for more. Her soaring vocal performances accompanied by  guest musicians like Ernst Horn (Deine Lakaien, Helium Vola) infect the audience with rapture. An ever growing crowd of followers, generous critics and great collaborations indicate that Saeldes Sanc is something to look out for in the future. 



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